Working with an Agency vs Freelancer

Francesca Morgan

Hi, I am Francesca,

I am the founder & creative director of Virtually There Agency, we specialize in WordPress Website Design, Branding, Content Writing and WordPress Website Maintenance.

I started my career in Website Design as a freelancer (on & off) about 10 years ago, I have loved the flexibility & freedom that being a Freelance Web Designer has allowed me. During the past 10 years of my web design career, I have learned alot, I have cried alot, I have experienced the creative criticism and burnout that comes with being in the creative industry.


Web Design is an ever-changing & evolving industry; design trends change, technology changes and expectations increase… this past 10 years has taught me to always be growing, always be learning and always be patient, just because I have done things a hundred times, my clients have not, and for most of them, this is their first time.

But the biggest lessons I have learned….

A Streamlined Process

Having a streamlined workflow/ process enables a solid structure to the website build, it also allows clients to be involved at each stage of the project so there is no unexpected surprises at the end (and a million round of revisions), a process that is structured, ensures that all steps are completed, and quality checks are in place to prevent errors and issues later.

I could not have created a process as streamlined as I have, if I hadent endured the tough projects, clients, criticism and millions of rounds of revisions!

Take a look at our process

Get a team, you cant be an expert if your a ‘Jack of all trades’!

There was a time in my career when I wanted to learn everything, and I mean everything! All the different website platforms, Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO, Content Markeing, Social Media Marketing, honestly this list goes on. Although I have pursued learning and projects in many of these areas, I have learned that you can not be an expert in everything, pick what you love doing, live it & breath it, and find great team mates that you can collaboratively work together with and fill the gap, as a team you can create bigger & better things.

So, hence this blog article- ‘Working with a Freelancer VS Agency- whats the right choice for your company? It totally depends on what your needs are, current & future ones. The reason I decided to make the leap and expand from being a freelancer to starting a full scope agency is the ability to offer my clients more, a more rounded service from a team of experts.