What is it? Website Traffic Analytics

Marketing without data is just a guessing game. It’s true. Without hard data and numbers, you might as well throw darts to make your decisions. Fortunately, your website is a treasure trove of useful marketing data. Website traffic analytics allows us to collect that raw data and turn it into valuable insights.

There are lots of great free analytics tools that can help you capture data from your website.
The most famous of these is Google Analytics. Check with your website developer to ensure that Google Analytics or another tool is installed on your site.

Why should I care?

A great website is the central hub of your marketing. Driving traffic to your site is the goal of every marketing effort (emails, social media, digital ads, etc.). With website traffic analytics, you can see how these marketing activities are performing, how people find your site, what pages they look at, and so much more.

A quick overview of handy items you can track through website analytics:


How are people finding your website. What search engine are they using. What keywords did they type in.


How many visitors have been to your site in the last month. Are they new or returning visitors. How does that compare over time.

Page Views

What pages and content website visitors are viewing.

Session Durations/ Bounce Rates

How long are visitors staying on your site. Do they leave before visiting a second page.

Devices/ Mobile

Are visitors accessing your site from a desktop computer or another device.


Information on user location, interests.

Landing Pages/ Campaigns

Track traffic and site movement of specific pages or campaigns.

Do I need website traffic analytics?

At the very least, we suggest that you have your site traffic monitored. Big or sudden dips in traffic can indicate that something is wrong with the site that requires attention.

With that said, no, you do not need website analytics, but in our opinion, it is a shame to waste all of that yummy, useful data. Even a necessary monthly report can help you make informed decisions about improving your website. If you are looking for more advanced reporting, talk to your web developer about what you need to track. Not sure what you need to follow? Your web developer should be able to talk you through that too.

Monthly traffic analytics won’t break the bank either. Google Analytics is free, and installation fees are minimal. The costs for monthly reporting are quite affordable. Your developer can help you find a plan that works for your budget. Overall we say that the reward of having useful solid data on your website performance is priceless.

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