Website Security – How to protect yourself from getting hacked

Most people have a vague notion of website security. We’ve all seen news of a big corporation dealing with the aftermath of a cyber-attack; data is compromised, the site crashed, and they are in a huge mess. Your mind envisions an evil hacker in a dark room searching the web for the perfect site to hack. You figure there’s no way they would even notice your site, so you’re safe, right?

Beware of Hacker Bots

While there are some lone hackers on the web up to no good, that’s not your biggest risk. To manually search for a website to hack is time-consuming and offers a low payoff for the bad guys. The majority of web attacks actually stem from automation. Imagine awful little bots that search the internet looking for vulnerabilities to attack. With these little baddies working 24/7, there’s a pretty good chance of your website being hit.

Web Hosting & Servers

Cybersecurity – The Best Offense is Defense

Website security is an ongoing process. Hackers are continually finding new ways to attack a site. To stay secure, your website needs regular monitoring and updates. As always, we urge you to talk to your website team. Be candid about your budget and ask them to build a cybersecurity plan that meets your needs. The monthly fees are generally quite reasonable and are nothing compared to the potential costs of an attack.

Some items that should be in every security maintenance plan:

SSL Certificate

Security and data protection for both your website and your users’ personal information. A must have for your website.

Regular Plugin and Theme Updates

Just like your phone, WordPress has regular updates with critical bug fixes and security updates.

Anti-malware Software

Infected sites run the risk of up being blacklisted by search engines. I would recommend visiting Sucuri if you think your website has been hacked.

Password Protection

There are lots of options to make sure your web passwords stay safe and secure. Do not reuse your passwords and be careful with who you make an administrator in the backend of WordPress.

Regular Site Backups

Prepared for the worst, just in case! 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll say it again – website security is not something that can wait. When it comes to website security, you definitely want to make sure you’re covered before an issue occurs. The good news is with the right preparation; you can significantly minimize your risks.

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