Terms & Conditions

General Payment Terms

50% deposit (Phase 1)

Includes planning database and navigation setup
homepage design 2 rounds of written revisions (using shared document)

30% – 2nd Milestone (Phase 2)

Includes design of inner pages

20% – 3rd and Final Milestone (Phase 3) Includes 1 set of final revisions.
Checking URL’s and links, 1 hour of site training



General Terms
Website Content
All site content and images must be provided by the client (unless otherwise agreed) within 14 days of being requested – if not received and the project is being held up; final milestone payment(s) will be requested by the 30th day of the original request date.

Revision Process
Revisions or change requests are added to shared documents between the Client (you) and Virtually There Agency. Once the “Round 1” of revisions is complete, we will schedule a screen share to go over the revisions and change requests. At this time we will ensure that nothing has been left out or miscommunicated; any additional change requests will be added to “Round 2” and a screen share will be repeated if necessary, to ensure that you are happy with the changes on Phase 1.

Once Phase 2 is complete and paid for – we will begin our final phase and do our last set of revisions. This will include a screen share where we will go over revisions and change requests for the inner pages.

Any additional changes or requests outside of the original scope outlined in the “Planning” phase will be billed additionally at $75/hour. Additional payment(s) need to be paid in full before the website goes live.

We request that all revisions or amendments are added to a singular shared document and not communicated ad hoc, via multiple methods. This streamlines the revision process and allows for the project to stay within scope and not incur excess change request fees.

Virtually There is not responsible for any issues relating to Hosting or email – We are here to support in these matters if they arise and will troubleshoot and advise accordingly at $125/hour rate or $75/Hour if you are on a Maintenance Plan.