Make a Healthy Website Resolution

2021 has arrived, and everyone is making health resolutions. This year we propose creating a resolution to keep your website healthy too. As website creators, there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a fantastic website that is not kept up over time. Websites are not a one and done thing. The best websites out there are always being updated, refined, and renewed. That’s what keeps people coming back.

Here are some suggestions for your 2021 healthy website maintenance plan:

Safety First

Regular monitoring and security updates keep your website safe from hacks, spam, and other threats. Talk with your website partner about adding this to your monthly maintenance plan. Ask them what preventative measures and tools they use to keep your website secure. Do you need a Firewall? Also, check with them to be sure your website is backed up daily. This way, if the unthinkable occurs, you are covered.

Update that WordPress Theme

A lot of clients ask us if updating WordPress is important. Please excuse our use of all caps here, but – YES, YES, YES, it really, really is. Just like an update on your cell phone, WordPress updates fix bugs, address security issues, and keep your site running smoothly. Beware, though, WordPress updates are a bit trickier than those on your phone and best done by someone with experience. Your healthy website plan should definitely include regular updates to your WordPress theme.

Optimize for SEO

Even if SEO is low on your radar, it is crucial to optimize your site to meet the most current standards. Things can get messy if your website makes Google angry, removing you from all search results, and destroying your Google rankings, even causing you to get blacklisted from Google altogether. Regular upkeep like improving page loading speeds and content optimization can help improve your site’s SEO health.

Better than Ever

Monthly traffic analytics reports keep track of a website’s fitness. By studying this data, we can see what’s working and find ways to improve site performance. Add monthly reporting to your website maintenance plan and ask your web team to help you understand what the data means. Use this info to plan new content and features and improve the overall user experience.

In our humble opinion, every website should have a maintenance plan in place. Find a web partner that you trust. Then you can work together to help your website stay healthy in 2021 and beyond.