Divi WordPress Website Maintenance Services

We provide the Best Divi WordPress website maintenance services. We take on the stress of making sure your WordPress website is protected, maintained, backed up, and secure.

Divi WordPress Website Maintenance Services

We provide the best Divi WordPress website maintenance services. Once a website goes live, it’s essential to protect it from potential hacks and breaches. In other words, threats can bring your site down and get you blacklisted from Google, removing you from all search results and destroying your Google rankings. It’s also important to keep the WordPress site plugins and tools. However, other areas of the site are updated and optimized for security, page loading speeds, and better SEO rankings.


Website Maintenance plan

Most importantly, our goal is to maintain the whole website with all the correct measures taken. Our monthly WordPress website maintenance services plan takes the stress off you in keeping your WordPress website safe and protected. However, we’re on your side, making sure that your site is protected, updated, maintained, backed up, and is kicking butt online month to month. And when you’re on our plan, you’ll have a trusted webmaster you can reach out to at any point for help with updates, edits, additions, or any potential website issues. Therefore, beats are waiting on the phone for 30 minutes to get ahold of hosting support.


Our WordPress website maintenance services plan includes the following primary services


We keep your site updated, maintained, cleaned, and running smooth & fast.

✔️  WordPress theme monitored & updated

✔️ Site cleared and optimized weekly

✔️  Plugins monitored and updated

✔️  Pro WordPress Plugins

– Smush Pro

– Hummingbird Pro


Your site is backed up daily in multiple locations and can be restored at any time.

✔️  Daily website backups

✔️  On & off-site backup locations

✔️  Everyday restore points



Your site is monitored and protected from spam, malware, and other evil internet forces.

✔️  Website scanning & monitoring protection

✔️  Preventative hack measures & tools in place

✔️  Firewall (extra security net) available if needed

✔️  Pro WordPress Plugins

– Defender Pro


We send you a monthly report of your page views, site traffic and more.

✔️  Monthly google analytics report of page views, site traffic details and more

✔️  Detailed reports on what’s been done to keep your site updated and secure.

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We offer a price break for multiple sites
Annual pricing is offered at $999/yr ($189/yr savings)
No contracts, initiation, or termination fees

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Our team care of any quick website updates you might have (up to 1hr) every month! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your site is safe and that you have us in your corner for any quick updates or any issues you may have.


Do you offer web hosting + maintenance?

Sure do – we can offer to host your website(s) and tie it in with our maintenance plan for a discounted monthly or annual rate. Contact us for a quote!

Are there any set up or cancellation fees?

Nope! There are no setup costs, and should you ever need to leave the plan, and there are no cancellation fees. However, the door is always open should you ever leave and decide to come back to the plan.

What happens if I pass on your plan?

If you decide to decline our maintenance plan, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Here are the top reasons I recommend you make sure your website is maintained:

  • The site will not be optimized, which leads to poor performance, slow loading times, and a gradual loss of Google SEO rankings.
  • Plugins, site tools, themes, and WordPress itself will quickly go out of date, which is the #1 leading cause of website hacks. It’s incredibly important to keep ALL your website tools and plugins up-to-date.
  • Lose all your content, pages, and Google ranking. if you’ll have no backups or restore points so if the site gets hacked or breached.
  • You won’t get a monthly report overviewing your site traffic, page views, etc.
  • Most importantly, you won’t have us as your trusted webmaster to assist you with quick updates, tweaks, website issues, etc. Often you’ll have to try getting a hold of your hosting company for any assistance.
Does my monthly update time roll over?

Negative on this one, ghost rider. The retainer of hourly updates is just covered for that month.

What if my site gets hacked while on the plan?

If your site should get compromised while you’re on the plan. We’ll take care of cleaning the site and getting everything squared away with Google at no extra cost to you. But have no fear; to date – we’ve had ZERO hacks or breaches with any sites on our maintenance plan.

If I have an update that requires more than 1 hour?

We’ll always try to get your updates done within 1 hour to save you some extra cost but if you have a decent amount of updates that will require more hours, we’ll give you an estimate of time and do that at an hourly rate of $75/hour.

What If I pass on the plan and my site gets hacked?

Our team can take care of getting the site cleaned for an initial cleanup fee of $250. Therefore, we can immediately get your site on our monthly plan to make sure it remains clean and protected from hacks.

How fast do you get to the monthly updates?

We’re pretty darn quick around these parts. We try to get to updates within 24-48hrs. As a monthly client, you always get top priority compared to clients who aren’t on the plan.

Our Latest Work


Frankie was excellent from beginning to end. She explained options well, was patient with our design preferences, educated us on options we didn't know we had and carried out the project in an efficient and pleasant manner. However, we did screenshot through Zoom multiple times for both training and design feedback. Worked on and also taught us on the front end and backend of the store website that was created. Created tutorial videos for us to review in the future. Easy and responsive to contact. In addition, very experienced with both web design, development, and e-commerce. Our team will definitely hire again for future projects. Highly recommended.

Lee Carter | Founder


This website is for a small professional organization that I run. Going into it, I assumed that the end result would be a functional but kind-of-boring website like most such organizations seem to have. Instead, Francesca created a great working, great looking website. It really makes us look good! I'm very pleased with it. She was a pleasure to work with--responsive to what I wanted, got her work done on time, and is obviously very good at what she does.

Bradley Wright | professor of sociology (University of Connecticut)

ferrn.org & bradleywrightphd.com

Francesca is very knowledgeable and responsive, guiding us on planning and organizing a data-listing website. Above all, one of the things I appreciated when we talked was that Francesca never said "um..." which for me is an indicator that someone is not sure of the answer. Francesca always seemed certain of her answers, and if she didn't know somethings, she was honest and said simply "Let me research that and get back to you with an answer."

Ed Burzminski | Owner


Working with Francesca was the best decision we could have made! She was very honest and made all the necessary recommendations to set us up for success. Communication was always very quick and clear. The website was delivered as promised and she went above and beyond with all our last minute requests and changes. In addition, working with Francesca was extremely pleasant and we would definitely like to work with her again!

Icon Media | Advertising Agency


Great job on creating a fresh, modern new version of my old website. Francesca was excellent in communication, listened to my needs and produced a fantastic new website in a timely manor. She is easy to work with and very responsive. I would not hesitate to work with her again for any future projects.

Frankie was amazing to work with. I have experience with a range of devs and she was one of the most detailed and easiest to get along with. We are very happy with our end product, the training we received and all the communication along the way. In conclusion, can't wait to work together on the next site!

Mattie Wells | Creative Director